Saturday, September 10, 2005

Read this – for fuck’s sake.

Simple pleasures, surely this is what it’s all about. But with their existence relegated to the realm of fantasy our human condition forces us to settle for less.

Enter Sayed Kashua.

I first became familiar with this journalist/novelist with his first novel Dancing Arabs. A pseudo-autobiography of an Israeli-Arab from the town of Tira who must face his competing identities because of his ability to slip in and out of neighboring worlds that sometimes don’t sync up.

Discovering Kashua’s weekly column in Haaretz Magazine is as fucking close to pleasure without involving a vagina with my penis and/or internet pornography.

I beg of you, get turned on to his column, which has a suspicious blog-like style. And, if you’re ever going to listen to me and do so, this week’s is spectacular.

Backup Proof for when Haaretz archives the source copy.

Furthermore, you might notice that there is now an RSS feed for this blog. It’s just a text link on the right. Amongst, other fine features on this site – signing up for email notification and the ability to post comments (even anonymously you cowardly freak) – you can now read “Ari Lives in Israel: now with more Zev” on your aggregate news reader you masturbating computer nerd.

And my hat is off to you masturbating computer nerd. After all, you could be a bear.

1) Can this get passed along to Sayed Kashua?
2) Can Sayed Kashua leave a comment?
3) Can Sayed Kashua’s comment be some type of job offer for me?

And, for fuck's sake, tell your friend/s to read this blog and, especially, to leave a comment for Zev. It would really mean a lot to him.


At 12:07 AM, Anonymous Hadas said...

Well, I did, and then it took you two months (!) to post an entry. Da!!

At 2:08 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ari Miller is a fucking genius!



At 9:00 PM, Blogger Shayna said...

Amos Oz sucks major monkey.

Shana tovah.

Oh and by the way, Ari rocks my world :)


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