Saturday, May 09, 2009

Free T-Shirt Friday!

A lot of folks think that the only thing to do with an old, white, t-shirt is to turn it into a rag. You know, to clean your car, your bike or the rotting vaginal canal of your deceased beloved with whom you continue to engage in coitus. If you read the previous sentence and thought to yourself, "Wow, that's me!" it's time to learn something from Ari Lives in Israel – especially since I'm smarter, less disgusting and not as good looking as Ed Geines.

Here is the first installment of "Free T-Shirt Friday," which has nothing to do with Friday. This is a page from an R. Crumb comic, though I don't know which one (feel free to enlighten).

Instructions: get some iron-on transfer paper and follow the instructions that come along with it.

This graphic is a gem. I've been wearing it for years now. My favorite related moment was in the airport in Austin, TX waiting for my luggage. This bitchy looking woman kept walking past me and staring at my t-shirt. Finally, she garnered the nerve to approach and ask, "Is that supposed to be some kind of comic or something?" I replied, "yes."

Don't forget to send in pictures of you wearing your free t-shirt friday t-shirt. That's right if you submit such pixels, it could appear on this blog. Then, you'll be famous – anonymously.

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